Convert JVC GZ-HD7 Footage for Sony Playstation

You can convert the footage of a JVC GZ-HD7 for direct HD playback on a Sony Playstation 3. Therefor I use ffmpeg which can easily be installed on most Linux distributions with the package managemet system. I convert on a Fedora 8 x64 using ffmpeg rpm files from

Here comes some information on my version of ffmpeg:

Unfortunately JVC choosed very strange names for their footage-files. The nativ mpeg data is called .tod. I’ve no idea what that means but the most important thing is, that it contains data ffmpeg can handle. So we can use nearly the same command line as for the EX1 conversion. Again a two-pass encoding:

The nativ data-stream of the source file is around 28 Mbit. Here comes the output from ffmpeg:

I again choose 20Mbit as target bitrate as this seems to be perfect for HD playback from a DVD. Larger bitrates won’t play continous. You also have to wait until the Playstation indexed the DVD after insertion. Playback while indexing will result in very bad playback performance. If you want to stream the movies you cannot exceed 12 Mbit on my 54Mbit WLAN.

You can download an example (190MB) here.

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